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LEarn About Elevated Faith

Our Beliefs

Examine our perspectives on the Bible, people, God, Jesus, and many other important components of our faith. The convictions of Elevated Faith, which are firmly grounded in Scripture, direct our decisions as a church.

The Bible

All people can find God's word in the Bible. It was authored by human authors with the help of the Holy Spirit's supernatural guidance. The Bible is truth without any admixture of error and is entirely applicable to our daily lives since it was inspired by God.


For all of eternity, God has been in a relationship with Himself. He is a single being who manifests as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Although the Trinity's three members perform distinct roles, they are all equally powerful and authoritative.

The Eternity

Man was made to last a lifetime. Either he will live in union with God through salvation and forgiveness, or he will live in eternal separation from God due to sin. Hell is to be cut off from God forever. Heaven is to live in eternal oneness with Him. Heaven and Hell are both eternal locations.


The only means of salvation and sin-forgiveness are made possible by the blood of Jesus Christ, which was shed on the cross. When a person believes that Christ's death and resurrection atoned for their sin on the cross, they are saved. Salvation is a gift from God, and we are unable to work our way to it.

The Church

The Church is a local congregation of baptized Christians bound together by their shared faith in Jesus. It is dedicated to following all of Christ's instructions and spreading the message of the gospel throughout the world. The Church collaborates in harmony and love with the goal of glorifying Christ as its ultimate goal.

Our Vision

Discover the principles that keep Elevated Faith's mission in focus. These ideals demonstrate how important it is to us to spread the gospel.

Elevating Faith through SERVICE
Elevating Faith through WORSHIP
Elevating Faith through PREACHING & TEACHING
Elevating Faith through RELATIONSHIPS

Our Leaders

Meet the leaders that created the vision for Elevated Faith.


Pastor Julian "Ju" Joyner is an esteemed spiritual leader and the beloved pastor of Elevated Faith Fellowship. With a deep commitment to faith and a genuine desire to uplift others, Pastor Ju has dedicated his life to guiding and empowering individuals in their spiritual journeys. Pastor Ju's educational background reflects his diverse interests and his passion for serving others. He completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communications from Norfolk State University, where he honed his skills in effective communication and connecting with people from various backgrounds. Recognizing the importance of pastoral care and counseling, he further pursued his academic journey and obtained a Master of Arts degree in Pastoral Counseling (Life Coaching) from Liberty University. As the shepherd of Elevated Faith Fellowship, Pastor Ju brings a unique blend of charisma, empathy, and wisdom to his ministry. His sermons are characterized by their authenticity, relevance, and practicality, as he strives to bridge the gap between timeless biblical truths and the challenges faced by modern-day believers. Through his engaging preaching style, he inspires congregants to live out their faith and make a positive impact in their communities. Outside of his pastoral duties, Pastor Ju cherishes his role as a devoted husband to Trin'ea and a loving father to his two daughters, Reynah and Noelle. His family serves as a constant source of inspiration and support, reminding him of the importance of nurturing strong relationships and fostering a sense of unity within the church. With a heart for service and a genuine love for God's people, Pastor Julian "Ju" Joyner continues to empower and transform lives through his unwavering commitment to faith, his dedication to sound biblical teaching, and his compassionate leadership at Elevated Faith Fellowship.


Trin'ea Joyner is a dynamic and passionate leader, serving as the Leading Lady and Executive Pastor for Elevated Faith Fellowship. With a heart dedicated to spreading the gospel and uplifting the community, Trin'ea has emerged as a beacon of faith and inspiration. ​ Trin'ea's journey in ministry began when she was licensed to preach the gospel in 2021, marking a significant milestone in her spiritual calling. In 2023, she was publicly presented with her license, affirming her commitment to sharing the Word of God with fervor and authenticity. Throughout her ministry, she has been a steadfast pillar of support alongside her husband, Pastor Ju Joyner, fostering a powerful partnership in their shared mission. ​ Before stepping into full-time ministry, Trin'ea pursued her educational endeavors, earning an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education from Tidewater Community College. Her passion for teaching and nurturing young minds led her to further expand her knowledge through various classes and trainings at Norfolk State University, specifically in the field of Early Childhood Education. ​ For over a decade, Trin'ea dedicated herself to teaching preschoolers in local private schools, where she left an indelible impact on countless young lives. Her compassionate approach and dedication to their holistic growth made her a beloved figure in the educational community. ​ Seeking new avenues to serve, Trin'ea transitioned into the realm of bookkeeping, where she honed her skills and gained valuable experience. Presently, she serves as an Administrative Assistant and bookkeeper for Chesapeake Public Schools, a role she has held for nearly a decade. In her position, Trin'ea expertly oversees a team of 14 other bookkeepers, while also managing federal funding. Her meticulous attention to detail and organizational acumen contribute to the smooth functioning of the school district's financial operations. ​ Trin'ea's diverse experiences in education, ministry, and administration have shaped her into a well-rounded leader with a heart for empowering others. She embodies compassion, wisdom, and integrity in every aspect of her life, inspiring those around her to reach their full potential. As the Leading Lady and Executive Pastor of Elevated Faith Fellowship, Trin'ea continues to touch lives, uplift spirits, and foster an unwavering faith in the hearts of all who encounter her.

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